Why choose remote desktop support?

Have an expert on-call at all times

We provide remote technical support for clients on demand. With your consent, our technicians can view your screen, identify the problem, resolve it, and show you how to avoid this problem in the future.

Not only can you chat with the technician during a support session, but our software can also be used for cost-effective remote training. Our free software is compact (about 600kb) and can be downloaded in less than a minute. The software works through firewalls and is available online at all times.

Save time and money with an instant response

An instant response equals minimal downtime, improved productivity and no travel costs. Why waste time and money waiting for a technician to arrive?

Although 95% of technical issues can be resolved remotely, we will immediately dispatch a technician if on-site service is required.



Rest assured with full security

All remote sessions are encrypted at 256 bit and are by "invitation only," which means they must be initiated by the client. We cannot access your computer without your knowledge.